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Half-Baked Discussions

A Half-Baked Discussion is an informal event where people interested in understanding and improving our cities can share ideas, learn from each other, and co-create shared declarations on pressing urban topics. The objective is to move beyond talk and inspire action and unique collaborations.

Our first half-baked discussion.

Towards shared declarations

Half-Baked Discussions are organised around three pillars: definitions, values, and experiences. An interactive double-height wall, organised accordingly, comes alive during the discussion: ideas had and words uttered are written onto the wall, and voted on. The goal, ultimately, is to help participants move beyond their current frames of reference and develop a shared understanding of the topic at hand, a shared declaration.

Kicked-off with expertise

Half-Baked Discussions start as a panel and end as a conversation. They start with a panel of practitioners and experts whose work touches on the topic at hand. Their reflections and opinions will serve to engage wider curiosity, catalysing contributions to the discussion.

Open, informal discussions

The guiding principle of Half-Baked Discussions is openness: openness to people with different backgrounds and experiences, openness to a diversity of perspectives, and openness to the possibility of change. Half-Baked Discussions are not intended to be a space for debate (though that is always welcome), but rather a space for open-minded exploration and collaboration.


If you are interested in supporting Half-Baked Discussions, get in touch. We will be following, shortly, with other ways to support them, so join A Real Space Community on lu.ma for updates.