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Digital Takeovers

We want to provide civically-engaged, digital communities with A Real Space, one where they are empowered to connect, coordinate, and work towards their aims. Whether you need a physical space for your community's assemblies, workshops, or hackathons, A Real Space is here for you. Get in touch.

why digital takeovers?

A Real Space is a place for online communities to come together and engage with each other, and the city, in person. We believe that online communities are powerful agents of social change in our cities, and we want to help them become even more effective by providing them with space. We believe that offline engagement is essential to the success of any online community, and we want to help make that happen.

a real space with real stuff

At the moment, we have a large whiteboard, a large display, a few double-height walls, table space for 12, and seating for many more in our streetfront space. We are actively improving the space, and we are eager to develop it alongside your community.


If you are interested in supporting the Digital Takeover programme, get in touch. We will be following, shortly, with other ways to support it, so join A Real Space Community on for updates.